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Project Info:

Category : Web App Development
Website : Website Url
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Status : Completed
Completed Date : June 10, 2018

Project Brief :


ThePakVoice is a group of energetic Pakistani Youth and a blog/website providing free platform to share your views like articles, columns, festivals, religious, awareness campaign, interviews, college and university functions, national & international days, historical stories and your views on current affairs. Campaigns run by social personalities such as disease prevention, polio campaign, occupation campaign, prevention of smoking, mother and child's health, child labour, official and non-government-issued handout, press conference and press releases. With this, if you are a good writer, poeter, columnist, analyst, commentator, landowner, lawmaker, actor, trader, engineer, doctor or affiliate with any field of life, write your thoughts on this platform and share it with others. You can give your opinion on the policies of the government for the development of our country.
If you have any article, column or story you think is worth sharing, send them here. OR mail them at


Their mission is to provide free platform for all to upload their own written articles, columns, blogs, make positive changes and development in society. Also grow up silent voices of remote areas.